Newswire: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen won’t return for Fuller House

If you woke up today hoping to see that at least a few people might be capable of resisting the sinister, siren call of a house that grows fuller by the day, well: you got it, dude. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have both announced that they won’t be participating in Fuller House, the planned Netflix revival of the classic sitcom about family, friendship, and laxly followed fire codes. The professional perfumiers officially retired from acting back in 2013, focusing instead on their various fashions products and smells. There was some hope that the pairor even just one! One precious, glittering Olsenoidcould be coaxed into participating in the project after consulting with their celluloid father, Bob Saget. But alas, despite the fact that The Men What Met Your Mother is still in negotiations for his own guest role on the show, it was not to be.

Executive producer …

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