Newswire: Mary Elizabeth Winstead to find out what’s wrong with Congress on CBS’s BrainDead

According to Deadline, Mary Elizabeth Winstead will star in CBS’ BrainDead, an upcoming straight-to-series project from The Good Wife creators Robert and Michelle King. As previously reported, the premise of the comedy/horror/political thriller posits that Capitol Hill has been shut down because aliens have eaten the brains of our elected officials and their staff. That’s a pretty good joke, until you start thinking about the actual government shutdown, and wish that extraterrestrial cranial snackers were involved instead of a hissy fit over Planned Parenthood.

Winstead has previous experience dealing with threats to D.C. as Mary Todd Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. In BrainDead, she’ll be called upon to help her brother, the Senate Majority Whip, only to uncover a growing contingent of cerebrum-deprived legislators. As an aspiring documentary filmmaker, she’ll be perfectly suited to recognize this calamity, while lacking the aptitude to convey …

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