Newswire: Marvel finds the perfect unhinged creep to play Maximus The Mad on Inhumans

As far as on-the-nose casting choices go, it doesn’t get more on-the-nose than this: According to The Hollywood Reporter, Game Of Thrones veteran Iwan Rheon has been hired to play Maximus The Mad on Marvel’s Inhumans TV show, meaning he’s going from one famously unhinged villain to another famously unhinged villain. For those who don’t follow the comics (or for those who do but still don’t give a shit about the Inhumans), Maximus is the genius brother of Inhuman King Black Bolt, and though he’s extremely devoted to helping his people, he’s also extremely devoted to killing his brother and taking the Inhuman kingdom of Attilan for himself. He may not be as much of an asshole as Rheon’s Ramsay Bolton, but that’s only because nobody else in any universe could be that much of an asshole.

Marvel quietly announced the …

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