Newswire: Marvel announces womenswear line inspired by Avengers

As the May 1 release date for Avengers: Age Of Ultron inches closer, Marvel has announced a special new Avengers promo. Don’t worry: It isn’t another trailer. Marvel and Disney Consumer Products have teamed up to create an Avengers-themed line of womenswear inspired by the film’s superheroes, and it’s…interesting.

The line isn’t meant to be costumes, but rather everyday wear inspired by the characters and their colors and emblems. “Our direction for making this collection wearable in an everyday capacity was to take the unique design elements from each character and translate them onto everyday silhouettes,” said Ashley Eckstein, creator of the fandom apparel company Her Universe. Eckstein worked on the Avengers collection, which is available for pre-order today at Hot Topic, naturally. “Each character has their own unique colors, symbols and style and we had a lot to work with,” Eckstein added …

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