Newswire: Marvel announces animated something-or-other set in the cinematic universe

Now that Marvel Studios taking an afternoon off is news that none of us can live without, it’s clear that the company has reached the singularity. That used to mean the time when artificial intelligence would surpass human capacity and control, but now simply refers to the moment when Marvel subsumed all popular culture and news. As the pre-Marvel life fades into the distant horizon, our sources of information gradually morph into the robotic face of Iron Man, speaking in a soothing monotone. With the acceptance that life is Marvel and Marvel is life, we have some earth-shattering news to report: Marvel has some sort of animated project, set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the works.

The exciting whisper of a notion, which is already expected to earn $4oo billion for the company on the first day of its release, is definitely going to be a type …

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