Newswire: Martin Shkreli ordered to shut the fuck up

Martin Shkreli, the bitterest $750 pill America ever had to swallow, has built his entire persona on being a moneyed troll whose mouth writes giant checks his hedge fund can cash—whether it’s gleefully jacking up the price of life-saving drugs, or just making death seem preferable to living in an age when he’s allowed to be famous. But with his existence temporarily, at least partially under the control of a federal judge who’s overseeing Shkreli’s prosecution for securities fraud, Shkreli now faces a threat to his own chemical dependence on toxic bullshit: He’s been placed under a partial gag order, with Judge Kiyo Matsumoto telling him, for his own sake, to shut the fuck up.

Prosecutors motioned for Shkreli to be muzzled after he made a spate of typically grandstanding statements to the press in and around the courthouse, including a moment when Forbes …

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