Newswire: Mark Wahlberg to sell you some AT&T—what, you think he won’t?

Denoting a departure from the amiability and tender loving care that most associate with AT&T, the friendly little telecommunications conglomerate is toughening up for 2017, hiring Mark Wahlberg to be the new, perpetually exasperated face of its advertising. The company announced that the actor will begin appearing in AT&T commercials this April in which he’ll remind customers that the service allows you take your entertainment along to whatever queer stuff you might be doing. What, you think it doesn’t? Do you need Mark Wahlberg to come over there and show you, Chief? Maybe take a nice, up-close look at your phone, so you can see how AT&T delivers all your live channels and DVR—right in your face.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, though The New York Post reports that the contract could be valued at more than $10 million, a small price to pay …

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