Newswire: Mark Millar’s Chrononauts is being turned into a movie, like all Mark Millar comics

As the tides inevitably roll back out to the seas, so too must any old thing that falls out of Mark Millar’s head be adapted into a feature film. And now that everyone’s had time to be appalled by the ending of Kingsman: The Secret Service, we can await the next crowning achievement in Millar-bred tastelessness. Deadline reports that the comics writer and embodiment of “nihilism” will executive produce (along with co-creator Sean Murphy) an adaptation of their own time-travel adventure series Chrononauts.

This news will likely come as surprising to people who have been living in caves on a remote planet for the past decade, and thereby missed the part where the movies Wanted, Kick-Ass, Kick-Ass 2, and Kingsman: The Secret Service have all been made from Millar’s work. Not to mention the upcoming Fantastic Four and Captain America: Civil War films, adapted from his Marvel …

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