Newswire: Margaret Cho says feels “vindicated” by the new wave of Asian-led sitcoms

The Wrap recently sat down with comedian and actress Margaret Cho to chat about her upcoming guest stint on Ken Jeong’s sitcom Dr. Ken. Between that show, Fresh Off The Boat, and Quantico, ABC has become the first network in history to have three concurrent shows with Asian leads. And The Wrap asked Cho to reflect on how far TV has come since her show, All American Girl, become the first (and for 20 years, only) family sitcom about Asian-Americans. She explains:

It’s a powerful thing because I created the first Asian-American family show 25 years ago and then helped a little bit on Fresh Off The Boat and now I’m helping a little bit on Dr. Ken. It’s a good feeling that my hard work was not for nothing. There’s also Sullivan & Son which preceded these shows on TBS. All of these shows …

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