Newswire: Marc Webb wanted to put Venom in Amazing Spider-Man 3, along with everyone else

We haven’t heard much from director Marc Webb since lukewarm reactions to The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and a subsequent deal to bring Spider-Man into Marvel’s shared universe killed any chance for a third Amazing film. But MTV caught up with Webb at Comic-Con—where he was promoting the new Limitless TV show—and asked him about his plans for Amazing Spider-Man 3 had the project gone forward. Webb explained:

There’s the man in the hat, this obscure character called The Gentleman, who gets the Sinister Six together. That would’ve been fun to play out. …Venom, obviously I would’ve been curious to see.

It’s unclear if Webb meant that Venom would have been one of the Sinister Six, or if the character would be a side villain joining the fray. (A report from reiterates that Webb definitely wanted Venom for part three and …

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