Newswire: Marc Maron’s next stand-up special will premiere on Epix

Comedian Marc Maron is one of America’s leading podcasters—his show got Barack Obama, which not even Serial could pull off—so it makes sense that he’d be on the forefront of new entertainment mediums. (He also really loves vinyl records, but that doesn’t fit our premise.) While other comics are taking their stand-up specials to old-fashioned outlets like HBO or Comedy Central, Deadline is reporting that Maron’s next special will premiere on Epix, which is both a TV channel and a hipper, more obscure version of Netflix. The Bobcat Goldthwait-directed special will reportedly see Maron discussing “religion, relationships, rage, Skype sex, and ice cream,” all of which sound like the sort of things you’d expect Marc Maron to talk about. The special was recorded at Chicago’s Vic Theater earlier this year, and it will premiere on Epix on December 4. Hopefully it goes …

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