Newswire: Mandy Patinkin wishes Ted Cruz would stop quoting The Princess Bride

With Donald Trump now gleefully egging on his supporters when they scream, “Sieg Heil!” as security roughs up protesters, Ted Cruz embarrassing himself by reciting quotes from The Princess Bride seems positively quaint. All the same, Mandy Patinkin isn’t having it.

Cruz, a human jar of mayonnaise who is starting to overtake Trump in the Iowa polls, has evidently been doing his Princess Bride schtick for years, occasionally trotting it out on the campaign trail. The quotes, which he attempts to do in the actual character voices, represent just one of several cringeworthy pop-culture impressions in Cruz’s repertoire, a pastime that is presumably responsible for countless clenched jaws and cluster headaches among his advisers.

Taking note of this, The New York Times spoke with Patinkin, who famously played vengeful swordsman Inigo Montoya in the movie. Echoing a sentiment we all remember feeling toward that one LARPer in our …

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