Newswire: Man develops hepatitis from consuming up to 5 energy drinks a day

A man walks into his doctor and says, “Hello, I have been feeling tired lately, then I started getting nauseous and vomiting. Then I began to get jaundiced and my urine turned dark. Now I believe my liver is exploding. Doctor, what could be the cause?” The doctor, following a careful examination, asks if the man has undergone any dramatic changes lately. Perhaps a life change, or something in his diet? The patient has nothing to report, except that for the previous three weeks he’s been fueling himself with a hellish cocktail of four to five energy drinks per day.

The British Medical Journal reports that the cause of this man’s pain was an astronomical increase in vitamin B3—which often shows up on energy drinks’ cans as niacin—which in his case had resulted acute hepatitis. It’s unclear which of the neon-colored fantasia of possible energy …

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