Newswire: Mama’s Andy Muschietti to direct adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Jaunt”

Stephen King’s “The Jaunt” is probably one of his creepiest short stories, and it’s all because of its especially unsettling ending. It’s a futuristic sci-fi tale, and it’s about a family taking a trip using a teleportation system—known as a “Jaunt”—and the bulk of the text covers the father explaining how a Jaunt works to his children. The most important thing, though, is that you can’t be awake during the Jaunt, because…well, like we said, the ending is the best part. It’s a quick story and not much “happens,” so while it’s interesting on paper, it seems like an odd choice for a movie—especially since the ending has…sorry, we’ll stop bringing it up.

On the other hand, it’s a Stephen King story, so that makes it perfect for a movie—at least as far as movie …

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