Newswire: Mallrats 2 will be a 10-episode TV series

Kevin Smith has apparently caught the TV bug. We’ve already reported on his efforts to turn ’80s cult movie The Adventures Of Buckaroo Banzai into a TV show, complete with a hoped-for Peter Weller cameo and an absolute refusal to explain the watermelon. (According to Smith’s Twitter, efforts to get the series on the air are going pretty well.) Now, the writer and director has announced that he’s turning the long-in-the-works Mallrats 2 into a TV series, too.

Smith made the announcement on Philadelphia’s 93.3 radio station, where he’d stopped by to promote his very weird “his-and-Johnny-Depp’s-daughters-fight-sausage-men” movie, Yoga Hosers. Smith declared that the Mallrats series would run for 10 episodes, presumably still set in that Pennsylvania mall he was so excited to find last year.

“It is happening,” Smith told his interviewers. “It’s taking us a longer time to build it …

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