Newswire: Major studios are duking it out over the rights to James Bond

The future of the James Bond series is basically one big question mark, mostly due to Daniel Craig’s constant waffling about whether or not he wants to do another movie. But there’s also the fact that Sony Pictures’ four-film deal with MGM and Eon Productions to distribute to James Bond series ended in 2015 after the release of Spectre. That means a different company may now have a chance to put its logo in front of the next James Bond movie, and The New York Times says that five different studios—Sony included—are currently fighting for that honor.

Actually, “fighting” may be a little overdramatic, as the New York Times piece says that MGM and Eon have been “attending dog and pony shows” from the hopeful studios, with Sony reportedly going so far as to make its case “inside a sound stage on a recreated set from …

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