Newswire: Maisie Williams to exasperate Doctor Who next season

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor is going to have his hands full, according to Deadline. Maisie Williams, best known as Game Of Throne‘s stabby tween-on-the-run Arya Stark, is currently filming an appearance for the upcoming season of Doctor Who. Since this is just a guest turn, we shouldn’t assume that William’s Who gig means that Arya is doomed to be hurled onto spikes, shot full of crossbow bolts, covered in pitch and set alight, or torn apart by a starved pack of Braavosi street urchins on Game Of Thrones this season. Instead, we assume she’ll just be decapitated, since that’s what happens to everyone in Westeros eventually.

While the role is unspecified, Williams excels on Thrones as a free spirit who doesn’t appreciate being bossed around. Capaldi’s Doctor, meanwhile, is a curmudgeonly alien who is constantly bossing everyone around, so it doesn’t take …

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