Newswire: Madonna’s trying to stop that Tupac breakup letter from going to auction

We recently learned the reasons for Madonna and Tupac Shakur’s breakup, via a letter the late artist wrote the erstwhile Material Girl from prison. In it, Shakur described the disparate effects of their relationship—while the revelation would just make her seem more “open and exciting,” it might be seen as a betrayal to his fans. Although much of it was redacted before being set for auction at Gotta Have It Collectibles, it’s still clear that the letter was a poignant read, one which Madonna is now claiming she inadvertently let out of her grasp.

As Reuters reports, the pop superstar has filed a request to prevent that letter and several other personal items from going up for auction. Madonna says Darlene Lutz, the woman who‘s auctioning the items through Gotta Have It, “betrayed [her] trust in an outrageous effort to obtain my possessions without [her] knowledge …

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