Newswire: Mad Men’s Vincent Kartheiser to star in new series about debt

Having wrapped up his adman character’s journey on Mad Men, Vincent Kartheiser is moving on to the similarly sexy environs of a debt collection agency. Deadline reports that Kartheiser will star in and executive produce Debt, a new drama at WGN America. Neil LaBute is directing with a spec script from someone named Ian MacDonald (take your pick of vague profiles over at IMDb).

The series will focus on a man who, having lost “everything important to him,” teams up with a debt collection agency that acts as a front for some do-gooders. These modern-day Robin Hoods collect and repossess from the rich to give to the poor somehow. Kartheiser will likely play said man with nothing left to lose, although we suppose he could easily portray the guy who runs the operation. He’s always looked more than comfortable sitting at the head of the table.

The erstwhile …

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