Newswire: Mad Men: The Complete Collection is coming to Blu-ray

At this point, why do fans even buy single seasons of their favorite shows on Blu-ray? We all know a massive set with even more special features will be released as soon as the series ends its run. It’s almost like the studios know you’re going to buy it anyway….Anyway, Lionsgate is putting out Mad Men: The Complete Collection on October 13th, and while the packaging is not as cool as the Breaking Bad barrel set from a few years ago, with the massive amount of special features, the Sterling-Cooper faithful will take no issue with plopping down the $200 (list price $209.97) for the set.

The Complete Collection will feature all seven seasons of the hit show that was turned down by HBO only to become a pop-culture phenomenon on AMC. Special features include bonus materials form all seven seasons of the show, featurettes on …

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