Newswire: Mad men mad at Mad Max for having mad women

Mad Max: Fury Road has earned near-uniformly rave reviews for being the sort of action movie that leaves other action movies wanting, creating a savage beauty from its cyber-circus freaks and their desert smash-’em-ups, and generally being a hell of a good time. However, it can’t be that much fun, because there are women around. Women—always ruining the post-apocalypse with their refusal to go make sand-sandwiches while the men do men things—have infiltrated the film, and made it all about their tired feminist agenda of not being sex slaves to a warlord. And Men’s Rights Activists are not having it.

As noted by The Mary Sue, the MRA blog Return Of Kings—the online paper of record “for heterosexual, masculine men” to declare their dominance, by making a safe space where they don’t have to talk to women or gay people—has proudly asserted …

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