Newswire: Mad Men jerk really is a jerk, writer reports

BuzzFeed writer Susan Cheng has published a new article that’s ostensibly about the fact that Mad Men‘s Paul Johansson (a.k.a. the dude who sexually harassed Joan in the final season) is kind of a jerk in real life. More broadly, however, Cheng’s piece examines the fact that Johansson’s conduct “is common in a Hollywood culture that puts young women in positions where they can be easily manipulated or harassed by older men.”

In “What Hollywood’s Acceptance Of Sexism Looks Like In Practice,” Cheng recounts her experience interviewing the actor, probably best known as the villainous Dan Scott on One Tree Hill. She claims Johansson made inappropriate and odd comments throughout the day. While making small talk with one of Cheng’s female colleagues about tennis, Johansson noted, “This is what we refer to as flirting where I am from,“ and asserted, “I’ll …

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