Newswire: Mad Max: Fury Road roars into IMAX theaters next week

If you somehow missed Mad Max: Fury Road during its original run in theaters this summer, you’ll have a chance at redemption when it hits IMAX next week. ComingSoon reports that George Miller’s film will have a weeklong engagement on IMAX 3D screens beginning September 11. The film’s image and sound quality has been digitally remastered to meet IMAX standards, all the better to see and hear the Doof Warrior with. We know 3D screenings can be hit or miss (we’re looking at you, The Hobbit movies), but Fury Road‘s many explosions and extended car chases make it a perfect candidate for that kind of in-your-face capability. But it seems the movie was edged out of IMAX screens by Avengers: Age Of Ultron when it was originally released domestically. Hey, at least Age Of Ultron delivered on the 3D goods, right? (Not really.)

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