Newswire: Machinima announces web series from Clive Barker, Bruce Timm, RoboCop, and more

Flush with that sweet Warner Bros. cash, gaming website-turned-new media company Machinima presented its slate of upcoming web-series programming at the Digital Media NewFronts yesterday, and, in a word, it’s spooky. Stacked with cult-favorite creators like Bruce Timm and Clive Barker—and, uh, Roberto Orci—Machinima’s lineup focuses on sci-fi, horror, and gaming-oriented programming in order to appeal to its stated audience of males 18-34, a woefully underserved demographic in today’s media landscape. But whatever, it all sounds pretty cool.

First among the proposed new content is a second season of Timm’s Justice League: Gods And Monsters, the Justice League cartoon series that hangs out at Denny’s all night and only orders a coffee. The series, which reimagines DC superheroes as darker versions of themselves—that’s where the vampire Batman comes in—was renewed in advance of its first season, which debuts in June …

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