Newswire: Macaulay Culkin plays a crucified Kurt Cobain in the new Father John Misty video

A lot of people were first introduced to the Father John Misty song “Total Entertainment Forever” when he shocked the Saturday Night Live audience by rhyming “bedding Taylor Swift” with “inside the Oculus Rift,” and whether you enjoyed that bit of wordplay or thought it was a tortured attempt to say something controversial, the song’s new video probably isn’t going to change how you feel about Father John Misty. The video leans in on the song’s tongue-in-cheek controversy-courting, and though it doesn’t feature anyone having virtual sex with Taylor Swift (this isn’t a Kanye West video), it does feature George Washington popping Viagra and entering a VR game where Kurt Cobain is crucified by some sort of fast food-themed secret police.

If the central message of that somehow isn’t clear enough already, the video also has a hobbit Bill Clinton and John from Garfield …

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