Newswire: Lupe Fiasco cuts out the middlemen, gives his new album a 7 out of 10 review

Lupe Fiasco seems like kind of an impulsive guy. One day, he’s announcing his final albums; the next, he’s adding a couple more; then, he’s quitting music altogether because people called him anti-Semitic for using the phrase “dirty Jewish execs” in a song. Then he releases the album anyway. Guy’s hard to pin down.

The only review of #DROGASLight that matters…

…Lupe’s 😏

A Review Of His New Album DROGAS Light by Lupe Fiasco

Album available now!

— DROGASLight Out Now! (@LupeFiasco) February 10, 2017

Luckily, music journalists no longer have to worry about figuring out Fiasco’s game, as the Tetsuo & Youth rapper has now released his own review for his latest offering, DROGAS Light, declaring it a “7/10”. The actual text of the review reads more like a mission statement, although he does note, writing in third-person, that Fiasco …

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