Newswire: Luke Cage casts another villain

Marvel’s upcoming Luke Cage series has pulled yet another villain from the longboxes for Mike Colter to battle against. The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Hunger Games and House Of Cards performer Mahershala Ali has been cast as sinister nightclub owner Cottonmouth for the Netflix series, the third in the planned four-part deal between Marvel and the streaming service.

Cottonmouth—one of two villains running around the Marvel universe with that name, because, as Boomslang and Coachwhip can attest, there’s nothing Marvel loves more than a slithery, fangy bad guy—is a drug dealer and pimp whose comic incarnation attempted to recruit Luke Cage to work as his enforcer. (Fingers crossed that the series adopts this plotline, if only because Cottonmouth’s calling card is sending potential employees a box of snakes for them to fight, and we want to see Mike Colter punch a snake.) Of course …

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