Newswire: Louis CK talks about Trump, Samantha Bee, and that Gawker rumor

Louis CK isn’t exactly an enigmatic riddle of a man, but he’s also not really an open book. He may reveal something personal about his life on his Louie show, but it’s just disconnected enough from the real world that you don’t know much of it is just fictionalized. Or maybe he’ll express some deeply held belief in an email newsletter to his fans, and then refuse to comment on it. Or he’ll say something on Twitter, and then get so frustrated with the response that he disappears from the internet entirely. Recently, though, New York Magazine sat down with Louis CK and got him to elaborate—at least a little bit—on pretty much everything he’s been up to.

Of course, before CK could bring up interesting stuff like his life or his career, he had to talk about Donald Trump. Earlier …

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