Newswire: Louis C.K. releases new stand-up special and a free preview

As he is wont to do, man of the people Louis C.K. just released his latest comedy special, Live At The Comedy Store, for his preferred price of $5 via his website. C.K.’s method of direct salesmanship has proved both lucrative and popular (although apparently not with people who comment on YouTube videos). The new special is a collection of material C.K. developed in comedy clubs over the past year, and the small Comedy Store setting was chosen for that more intimate vibe.

At the same time, C.K. sent out a lengthy email to the subscribers of his mailing list, where he discussed his affection for small clubs:

Nightclubs, comedy clubs, is where comedy is born and where comedy, standup comedy, truly lives. Going back to Abraham Lincoln, who was probably America’s first comedian, Americans have enjoyed gathering at night in small packed (and …

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