Newswire: Louis C.K. releases Barry Crimmins comedy special and pays tribute to Kevin Meaney

On Friday, comedian Kevin Meaney was found dead in his home, prompting an outpouring of condolences and remembrances from those who knew him or enjoyed his work. Louis C.K. has now shared his own thoughts on Meaney in his latest email newsletter, explaining that Meaney was “the most naturally funny comedian” he ever saw, adding that “every word he said was insanely hilarious.” C.K. explains what it was like watching Meaney’s career take off, noting that it showed him “what you could accomplish if you worked as hard as he did and were as wonderfully original and great.”

C.K.’s thoughts on Kevin Meaney are actually part of a larger piece about Barry Crimmins, a fellow comedian who he says was “very close friends” with Meaney when they were kickstarting the Boston comedy scene. Crimmins isn’t really as well-known these days as Meaney was, but …

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