Newswire: Lost-traumatized Damon Lindelof wants people to be nicer to Game Of Thrones

Damon Lindelof has spent the years since he escaped ABC’s endlessly polarizing Lost engaged in the healing process, writing screenplays and serving as showrunner for the relatively placid The Leftovers. (After all, his new show might be inconsistent, but at least he doesn’t have to worry that people are going to scream at him about “flash-sidewayses” and “The Numbers” every time they find out where he works.) Also, just like most of the TV-watching world, he’s spent a lot of the time since the Lost finale—which Damon Lindelof would like to remind you was perfectly fine, okay—watching The Leftovers’ sister program, HBO’s Game Of Thrones.

That became very apparent during an Entertainment Weekly interview Lindelof recently gave, promoting the October 4 debut of Leftovers’ second season. In the interview, he peppered his responses with references to Westerosan goings-on, eventually prompting the EW reporters to …

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