Newswire: Live TV is still for old people, study shows

In breaking news hot out of the Things You Already Knew Department, the U.K.’s Office Of Communications has released a study showing that British consumers under the age of 25 do only half of their television viewing in the form of live TV broadcasts. The rest, unsurprisingly, is done via streaming services, mobile phones, web-connected geegaws, and other technological hoozits mature folk barely understand. (The study showed that 69 percent of viewing across all U.K. demographics is still done live, presumably while older viewers sit stock still in their Easter bonnets, waiting for their old-timey photos to be done.)

If that wasn’t enough to make non-millennials in the audience shake their heads—or maybe just look back nostalgically on the news reports that have been saying the same thing over and over again for more than half a decade—the Ofcom report also claims that TV …

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