Newswire: Little boy Asa Butterfield is in talks to be the new little boy Spider-Man

According to Deadline, professional little boy Asa Butterfield—who is apparently 18, but look at that wittle face—is “in early talks” to play the newly teenaged Spider-Man. Deadline’s anonymous sources claim that Butterfield is “one of a select group of actors being strongly considered for the gig,” so it sounds like he’s not quite Spidey, but he’s apparently the frontrunner. This all lines up with a report from a few weeks ago that claimed Butterfield—who recently starred in the Ender’s Game adaptation—was on a short list of little boys who Sony and Marvel wanted for the role.

The new MCU-friendly version of Spidey will reportedly debut in next year’s Captain America: Civil War, where he will appear alongside every other Marvel character ever. He’ll then move onto (another) rebooted series of his own films, which—as indicated by the fact that …

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