Newswire: Listen to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar read the intro to his Sherlock Holmes audiobook

Besides fighting Bruce Lee, being named a U.S. cultural ambassador, and scoring something like a kajillion points in the NBA, Renaissance giant Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is also a pretty massive fan of Sherlock Holmes. To that end, Abdul-Jabbar—who’s also a bestselling author of memoirs and historical nonfiction—has written his first novel, centered on the life of Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft. And, in a story all-too-familiar to modern ears, as the celebrity-penned book goes, so too must go the celebrity-read audiobook, with Audible giving us a sneak peek at the Abdul-Jabbar-narrated introduction to the book.

Written with Anna Waterhouse, Abdul-Jabbar’s novel centers on Mycroft as a younger man, before he became the master of deduction whose powers rival even those of his famous brother. (You can hear Abdul-Jabbar talk about his take on the character in a short interview he did with Waterhouse, below.) His affection for …

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