Newswire: Listen to an exclusive clip from the new audiobook of White Man’s Problems

Kevin Morris’ short story collection White Man’s Problems was released last year to critical acclaim—and, apparently, a whole lot of celebrities eager to contribute to an audiobook edition. (It probably doesn’t hurt that Morris is a Los Angeles entertainment lawyer.) Out now, the darkly comic assemblage of tales traverses the country, depicting sort-of-success stories of modern life, or what the late, superlative David Carr (in the New York Times) called “a brightly lit noir about the scariness of getting what you want.” The new audiobook collects a varied assortment of talent to read each of the stories, including Matthew McConaughey, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Sarah Polley, John C. McGinley, Josh Holloway, and Pete Yorn, among others.

In the following clip, Minnie Driver reads from the story “Rain Come Down,” about a guy who just doesn’t know quite what to think. Her lilting British accent makes …

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