Newswire: Lionsgate is already developing a Sicario sequel

According to Variety, a sequel to Sicario is already in development: Lionsgate Pictures is apparently interested in exploring the future adventures of Del Toro’s hitman, an interest that conveniently coincides with the knowledge that the film is doing fantastic in a highly limited release. (It pulled in $401,288 from just six theaters over the weekend.)

“Before the release of this movie, I was talking to [sirector Denis Villeneuve] and I said, ‘what happened to this character?,’” says Lionsgate studio c-chair Patrick Wachsberger. “’Where is Benicio going?’” The answer may be “the Lionsgate executive washroom,” as Lionsgate could try to snap him up with a lucrative contract. Or it could be “over here at Disney, silly,” because Del Toro’s still probably signed on to reprise the Collector as the Marvel Cinematic Universe starts to unspool its epic “magic rocks” MacGuffin story, and there’s word that he may …

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