Newswire: Lindsay Lohan to star in British sitcom with Rupert Grint

While she waits for a Mean Girls musical to get off the ground—with herself in tow—Lindsay Lohan has also been delving further into TV. There’s that reality competition series she’s pitched, which would see her running people’s social media accounts while also subjecting them to the feats of Lohan. The Parent Trap remake star will also dabble in British sitcoms alongside Rupert Grint. Coming Soon reports that Lohan will costar with the Harry Potter alum in Sick Note, a Sky 1 show about a man incorrectly diagnosed with a terminal illness by his incompetent doctor (played by Nick Frost).

Grint stars as a compulsive liar but the otherwise healthy guy who must live the illness lie to prevent embarrassment for his incompetent doctor or something. Keeping up the charade won’t prove too difficult for him because of his aversion to the truth, though he …

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