Newswire: Lin-Manuel Miranda crashed Hamilton karaoke at a My Brother, My Brother And Me release party

Fans of the McElroy brothers from My Brother, My Brother And Me—now a pretty fantastic TV show on Seeso—know that Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda is a massive fan of the podcast, slipping references to it into most of his public appearances and even Hamilton itself. (He also shows up on the TV show, narrating its final episode.) Last night, Miranda’s enthusiasm for the show’s brothers led him to a Los Angeles release party for the series, and, more importantly, the karaoke after-party that followed.

Hot and fresh out the kitchen with @Lin_Manuel, the greatest karaoke night crasher there ever was.

— Liz Kerin (@liz_kerin) February 24, 2017

TFW your best friend duets with @Lin_Manuel at karaoke night at @LostKnightPub. #Hamilton

— Alex Regnery (@aregnery) February 24, 2017

Fans caught a number of clips of Miranda taking the stage, crooning R …

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