Newswire: Lily Rabe is returning to American Horror Story, will play a serial killer

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Lily Rabe will be returning to American Horror Story for this year’s hotel-based season. Rabe appeared in all of the other seasons, but her role in Freak Show was relegated to a short cameo as a not-yet-possessed-by-Satan Sister Mary Eunice, her character from season two. Her last real role came in the Coven season, in which she played a Stevie Nicks-obsessed witch. In case anyone’s not aware, American Horror Story is a super weird show.

For Hotel, Rabe will be playing a “famous murderer,” but we’re not sure if that means she’ll be playing a real-life murderer who is famous or a fictional murderer who is famous within the context of the American Horror Story universe. Honestly, it could go either way with this show. She could even be a famous murderer in the sense that Lady Gaga is a famous …

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