Newswire: Lil Yachty gives a rap primer on The Simpsons

Need a quick refresher on 59 Simpsons characters? Lil Yachty has you covered in this new video from The Tonight Show. The rapper cycles through Homer and Bart’s cohorts, offering up lines like, “Steer clear of Nelson he‘ll laugh at you openly, it’s worse than hearing okily dokily.” The Roots provide a take on that famous theme to accompany him.

Yachty, dressed here in appropriate all yellow, has used music from Rugrats and Super Mario 64 in his work so this only makes sense. In our review of his latest, Teenage Emotion, The A.V. Club wrote that Yachty’s “verses are often startlingly childlike, full of nursery-rhyme melodies and feel-good, druggy paeans that lack the slightest suggestion of a comedown.“ So now let him take you on a tour of Springfield.

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