Newswire: Like everyone else, Netflix will start its Santa Clarita Diet after the new year

As people who subscribe to that kind of thinking start to make their New Year’s resolutions, Netflix hopes that watching its latest original offering is among them. The streaming service has just announced the premiere date for Santa Clarita Diet, a new black comedy from veteran TV producer Victor Fresco. The series will premiere February 3, 2017, just a day after Groundhog Day, for those keeping track of marmot-related holidays.

Announced back in March, Santa Clarita Diet stars Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore as Joel and Sheila Hammond, a pair of “vaguely discontented” marrieds and parents in Santa Clarita, California. Their nagging though negligible dissatisfaction with life will be kicked off or perhaps resolved by the “dramatic change” that Sheila goes through, which will lead them on “a road of death and destruction.” We hope the show will eventually provide a food pyramid-like chart to let viewers know exactly …

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