Newswire: Lifetime is making a Manson Family movie

Much like a handful of impressionable young people in the late ’60s, TV networks are infatuated with a lovable California cult leader/convicted murderer named Charles Manson. NBC has already given a second season to Aquarius—its David Duchovny-starring Manson show that you might as well watch because it’s summer and nothing else is on—and now Lifetime is making its own original movie about the so-called “Manson Family murders.” Whereas NBC’s show is about catching Manson—or not catching him, since it got another season—Lifetime’s movie will be told from the point of view of the women who were under Manson’s thrall. Deadline reports that the project will be called Manson’s Lost Girls (though that’s just a working title) and that it’ll star Into The Woods‘ MacKenzie Mauzy, I Dream Too Much’s Eden Brolin, and Awkward’s Greer Grammer as …

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