Newswire: Librarian discovers Yoda in medieval manuscript, proves Star Wars was a documentary

There has been a lot of exciting Star Wars news over the last few days, but this might be the most exciting thing yet: irrefutable proof that Yoda existed in medieval France. Julian Harrison, a curator for the British Library, made the shocking discovery—as reported by The Telegraphwhen he was examining a manuscript that dates back to the 14th century for his Medieval Manuscripts blog. Ostensibly depicting the biblical story of Samson, the document in question shows a robed man with greenish skin, big ears, long hair, and claw-like hands. It is, without a doubt, Yoda.

Alright, so that’s pretty far from irrefutable, but Harrison himself isn’t sure who or what the character is supposed to be. He says it’s obviously not Yoda, just a thing that looks like Yoda, but we think he’s just covering up for the fact that Yoda’s existence …

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