Newswire: Liam Neeson to star in another Liam Neeson movie

Despite promising earlier this year that he would eventually stop, Liam Neeson has just signed on to star in another one of those movies that he makes these days. You know the ones: He drives a car, he shoots some bad guys, he talks with an accent, and then he helps his daughter become a famous singer. (The end of Taken is weird.)

According to Deadline, Liam Neeson’s next Liam Neeson movie is thrillingly titled The Commuter, and it shares a lot of the same behind-the-scenes people as Non-Stop and Unknown, both of which were also Liam Neeson movies. In this one, Neeson will play a businessman (the eponymous commuter) who “unwittingly gets caught up in a criminal conspiracy” while driving home. It sounds like there’s a huge leap somewhere in there, but a logical storyline isn’t really the most important thing in a movie like this …

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