Newswire: Let’s try to figure out what this new crop of cryptic Game Of Thrones episode descriptions actually mean

HBO’s Game Of Thrones has been on the air for six years now, long enough for all sorts of cultural rituals and games to develop on the edges of its bloody, sexy carnage. We’ve developed a few of our favorites over the years: Who’s Going To Die Next? Who The Hell Is This Vague Casting Description Talking About? And that old stand-by: What The Hell Does This Cryptic Episode Description Even Mean?

It’s time once again for a round of the latter game, because HBO has delivered the terse episode descriptions for the first three (out of seven) episodes of the show’s upcoming seventh season. Obviously, spoilers (although, admittedly, not very good ones) are part of the game, so if you want to go into the season pure (or as pure as anything Westeros-related can be), you should probably turn back now.

Anyway, here’s …

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