Newswire: Let’s try to figure out what happened in that secret Infinity War trailer nobody will let us see

Look, we get it: internet movie trailer culture is a problem for big film studios, since they’d presumably like to maintain at least a little bit of mystery around their high-profile films. Not to mention rewarding fans who wait in line—sometimes extremely long lines—in order to get into panels at events like Disney’s D23 expo to see exclusive new footage. Which doesn’t make it any less infuriating to know that Disney and Marvel showed off the first footage from Avengers: Infinity War today—apparently showcasing an absolutely massive number of superheroes and villains, many of whom were in attendance at the panel—and nobody online got to see it.

At least we can sort of glean what happened in the trailer, thanks to write-ups from sites like The Hollywood Reporter and Vulture, who were there in person. You can read through those descriptions to get …

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