Newswire: Let’s take a tour of the $12.5 million compound Paula Deen is trying to sell

Howdy, ya’ll! Who’s ready for some good ol’ down-home pandering to a stereotyped Southern mentality? If anyone knows how to pander via the lazy tropes of countrified slang, it’s that there dang Paula Deen! You may remember that poor gal: after getting fired from the Food Network for cooking up a crockpot full o’ tasty racism, she decided to launch her own wang-dang-doodle online network, where, freed from the oppressive attitudes of those who disapprove of her acceptance of oppression, she can shove a stick of butter wherever she darn tootin’ well pleases. Now, to go along with that new plan, she apparently wants some new digs wherein she can fire up the vittles dispenser and git a-cookin’. So, she’s selling the little old country home she owns, a hardscrabble little slice of country life that happens to be a $12.5 million compound in Savannah …

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