Newswire: Let’s speculate on Kit Harington’s hair

(The season five finale of Game Of Thrones was almost a month ago now, but maybe there are still some people who don’t know who the [REDACTED] in this headline refers to. If so, are you really that busy? You have time to read The A.V. Club, you could catch up on your DVR. Anyway, spoilers ahead.)

Ever since the latest in a long line of shocking deaths on Game Of Thrones, speculation about Jon Snow’s ultimate fate has spread across the internet like wildfire on a leaky wooden boat. Like most speculation, it’s been largely baseless, with one of the more substantial pieces coming from Kit Harington’s (who plays Snow on the show) co-star Emilia Clarke, a statement that began, “I can, with all honesty, say I have no idea what’s happening.”

But now we’ve got it, guys. Some real evidence. Ready …

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