Newswire: Let’s analyze these first-look photos from the Game Of Thrones season finale

[Hey, if you’re not caught up on Game Of Thrones, it’s probably kind of a bad idea to look at pictures and read words that might give away what happened already on Game Of Thrones. Think about it.]

This Sunday, we say goodbye to season six of Game Of Thrones, sending it out to wander the TV countryside for a while before conveniently returning at the precise moment when we need it the most, much like a character on Game Of Thrones. The penultimate episodes of this series are always where the action is, but there are still a lot of narrative threads that need to be wrapped up on this Sunday’s season finale. Let’s find out what those will be in these first-look photos, released by HBO earlier today:

(Photo: HBO)

Oh hey, Bran. Too bad about the Three-Eyed Raven, but you’re hanging with …

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