Newswire: Leonardo DiCaprio to finally save the world with a Captain Planet movie

Now that he has won an Oscar and achieved all that a man could conceivably achieve, Leonardo DiCaprio has turned his attention to the only thing more important than an Oscar: the planet Earth. He’s already made his climate change documentary Before The Flood—a film that was screened at President Obama’s South By South Lawn festival—but DiCaprio knows that a real issue can’t just be solved with a hard-hitting documentary about how we’re all going to die. An issue as serious as saving our planet needs a real hero, preferably one who can take pollution down to zero, has our powers magnified, and is fighting on the planet side. A hero like Captain Planet.

That’s right, bad guys who like to loot and plunder. Leonardo DiCaprio is getting ready to make a Captain Planet movie, and he’s going to beat the shit …

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